Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Automating Everything, Twitter Style

I haven't been able to publish a new post for a few days now. This is all down to twitter and their automated suspension mechanism. From the start, I wanted this blog to be syndicated via e-mail, RSS and twitter so people could choose their favorite method of following my posts. However, shortly after creating my twitter account I got suspended (no reason as to why was given to me). I hadn't broken any rules nor could someone say that I was an 'aggressive follower', having only followed three people after creating my account (which is something that twitter suggests you do right after you've set up your profile). It took one complaint and four reminders to get them moving, but considering the experiences of other bloggers around the web (google 'my twitter account got suspended') I would have to consider myself one of the lucky ones. You see, not all account suspension get addressed rendering many accounts useless.

I am left wondering whether the people at twitter really care about this because this doesn't seem to be a particularly fresh issue, it's been going on for a while. I think the coders who work for twitter should take a look at this issue and solve it once and for all. It can't be that difficult. I made sure to mention this in my mostly one-sided e-mail exchange with twitter. I've done my part of notifying them, now it's up to them to fix it.

With my twitter suspension lifted I will resume posting shortly. You can follow my tweets here.

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